About me

My name is Mirko Gadaleta and I’ ve lived in Procida all my life as well. In my family there were many entrepreneurs, since three generations, and the philosophy that has always united us, and led us to share many projects, was to value our small island in so many ways, such as cultural, economic and tourist aspects. In 1947 my grandfather, sir Antonio Scotto, built the historical movie theater of the island, it approximately had 600 seats and its name was “Cinema Moderno “. Later my father took his place, he restructured the entire building and reorganized the spaces. The movie theater had the new name “Procida Hall” and other types of entertainment activities were started, especially a dance and theater school.
At the moment it represents the main artistic and cultural pole of the Procida island: a real reference point for everyone, for adults and children.
In the past my father also worked as assistant director in many films that were made in Procida, one of these was “Il postino” of Massimo Troisi, it was filmed in 1994 and it remained in his heart.
The “Procida Hall” subsequently passed to me but I inherited above all a huge passion for the cinema itself and all that concerns it.
The tourist reception was one of the main points on which my family wanted to focus, and that’s why I decided to start a guesthouse with a modern interpretation.
So I dedicate it to my father, to my grandfather and to “Il postino” movie, because we are so fond of it.
I hope you will find here the well-being you seek.
Welcome to ” L’isola del postino “.