Events and Holidays

The Good Friday Procession

At Easter time, Procida is not to be missed: festivals, celebrations, walks among the typical architecture  finding the most breathtaking views. A precious little patch of land  that knew how to preserve his wonders, taking who ever is visiting through a unique dimension that has always fascinated poets, writers, artist and directors that have shot here films of great success. During the Holy week, from the evening of the Good Friday, the most beautiful and the meaningful procession take place: the great atmosphere that is created is absolutely a must-see, to the point that they are known as the most intense and spectacular processions of the mediterranean sea. The main one is the Good Friday one. The ‘’ Mysteries’’-floats that represents scenes of the Bible, are created and taken through the streets by the procidian youth. Almost a third of the procidian population takes part in the procession. It first took place in 1627, introduced by the Turchini fraternity.  On the Thursday night people watch over the statue of the dead Christ until the dawn. The mysteries stay in secret until they are taken to Terra Murata in the morning. The path of the procession has been the same for centuries: first the flags representing the various fraternities and the trumpet, then the mysteries, then the young ladies with flowers and kids dressed in black, the ‘’little angels’’ bhrought by their father that accompany a statue of our Lady of Sorrows, dressed in mourning.  In the end, the dead Christ arrives.
The statue of the Dead Christ, a work of Carmine Latricene (1728) spectaculary ends the procession. During the afternoon, the statue go back in the procession at the San Michele Arcangelo Abbey, at the top of Terra Murata, where the so-called ceremony of the agony takes place. The celebration of the Good Friday in procida closes, finally, in the evening with a torchlight procession that will take the statue of the Dead Christ back in S. Tommaso d’Aquino Church.